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This is the internet home of Appalachian Yorkies, a small dog breeding business located in Blowing Rock, NC. We are two sisters who are breeding our sweet pet Yorkshire Terriers: Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple. My name is Arwen and my sister’s name is Lorien. Although these are our first Yorkies, our father and grandfather have many years of combined experience breeding and training German Shepherds. Lorien and I are excited about our business and about this breed. We look forward to providing some of the finest pets and show dogs in this area.

A little bit about us:  We are a Christian homeschooling family of 5.

Daddy teaches physics at 
Appalachian State University.  He is also an amazing fiddle player and plays with his family, The Cockman Family, and with another group here locally, Amantha Mill.  Daddy also teaches fiddle all around the world through his website

Mama organizes everyone and makes sure we all get to where we need to go.  She is the other half (the behind the scenes half) of Mama has homeschooled us from the beginning and has started all over with our little sister, Morgen.

My (Arwen) favorite things are animals, music and books!  I am usually found playing with puppies, playing an instrument or reading.  I am currently enrolled in community college, on my way to a nursing degree.

Lorien’s favorite things are music, books, writing and animals.  Lorien is our resident song writer and can almost always be found at the piano.🙂  She is currently enrolled in community college, on her way to a degree in psychology.

​Our younger sister is Morgen.  Morgen is 6 and she loves everyone and everything!  She gives all of our animals extra love and care.  She makes sure the puppies have A LOT of attention.  

Sherlock Holmes - our sire
Sherlock Holmes XXXII is a black and gold terrier who was whelped on August 18, 2015, by AKC breeder Nadia D. Pakhnyuk in Belton, SC. He is registered with the American Kennel Club. Sherlock is 5 pounds and is colored black and gold.  Sherlock is very gentle and loving.  He wants nothing more than to be held and scratched under the chin! 

Appalachian Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers in Western North Carolina

Miss Marple - our dam

Miss Marple II is a black and tan yorkie who was whelped on December 14, 2015, by AKC breeder Wynona Adams in Charlotte Court House, VA. She is registered with the American Kennel Club.  Miss Marple is a wonderful mama dog - she cares for and loves on her puppies.  It's beautiful to see how much she loves them. She is friendly and loves children, and her favorite hobby is running around the  house and playing with Morgen. She weighs 8 pounds and is black and gold.

Appalachian Yorkies